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Karla Wright

Karla Wright’s expertise is in organizational development and human resource management.  Karla has a B.S. degree in Industrial Administration and M.S. degree in Industrial Relations from Iowa State University.  Go State!  She has dedicated her professional life to helping individuals, groups and organizations achieve their desired goals through effective HR/OD strategies. Experiences in consulting, training, teaching as well as practicing and managing HR, equip Karla to be an effective change agent in all types and sizes of organizations.  Karla has worked for John Deere, Iowa State University, University of Minnesota and 3M.  Karla has trained and consulted with many organizations – corporations, schools, non-profits and churches.  Karla has taught HR Management, Compensation Management, Organizational Design and Management and related courses at the Minnesota College and University System, Drake University, Des Moines Area Community College and Upper Iowa University-Des Moines branch.




See tribute to Karla Wright at the Iowa State University Plaza of Heroines.

“I wish to honor Karla’s valuable contributions as a management consultant and college educator as well as good friend, family member, and my heroine.

She has influenced many people, shaped policy, and set an example for women in the workplace.

Karla earned the Master of Science Degree in Industrial Relations from Iowa State University where her research was Union Views on Comparable Worth. She became a respected leader in the field on compensation management. Her work included building incentive pay standards for manufacturing; recommending pay equity changes for female dominated jobs; reengineering pay practices and policies for universities and business; and educating college students on compensation and human resource management. She has been honored by and invitation to the Soviet Union to develop compensation policies; serving on the Governor’s Advisory Council; and presenting and conferences and seminars. She has encouraged and trained many supervisors on what it takes to have a respectful and productive workplace. Her expertise is sought out and she has given a lot to her clients and students.

Karla has contributed to making the workplace a better place.

Karla did it professionally and she did it right.”



Larry Wright

Larry Wright’s expertise is in manufacturing engineering and management.  After earning a B.S. degree in Industrial Engineering from Iowa State University (where else?), he joined 3M and held many responsible positions over the course of thirty plus years.  His work roles included:  manufacturing manager, R&D project leader, safety/health/environmental manager, engineering manager, production manager and industrial engineer. Larry’s passion is to ensure that efficient, effective, safe and productive processes lead to desired results.  He believes that quality, safety and efficiency are engineered into the process rather than added onto a process.

Larry and Karla have been invited speakers, teachers, trainers, advisors, writers, consultants and coaches.  They are knowledgeable and well equipped to help organizations become respectful and productive workplaces.

That’s what they do.

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